Manufacturers, technology start-up companies and biotechnology companies are expanding the Nashville economy, which already features the music industry, large universities, healthcare companies, and a thriving construction industry. These companies employ increasing numbers of foreign-born workers to supplement the U.S. workforce. Nashville is becoming a more cosmopolitan city, attracting immigrant investors and families. Google is bringing Google Fiber to Nashville, internet service one hundred times faster than standard cable internet, a move sure to trigger even more technology expansion in the city.

In addition, changing demographics mean many families include members who are not yet permanent residents in the U.S. There has never been a greater need for quality immigration law services. In the event that Congress enacts Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the need for trustworthy counsel will be exponentially greater. We are proud of all the contributions of immigrant families and workers, and believe strongly that Nashville is a better city because of them.

Saev Hernandez Immigration Practice’s office is located in a historic house in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood. We are proud to be a part of the vibrant Germantown community, a neighborhood founded by European immigrants in the 1850’s as Nashville’s first residential subdivision. Today, Germantown has a historic yet forward-looking vibe. It features cobblestone sidewalks, many of Nashville’s hottest restaurants, and is adjacent to the new Sulpher Dell Nashville Sounds baseball stadium and Nashville’s Farmers Market.